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God has many ways to use us and guide us. Our ministries strive to 

engage and challenge you in your walk of faith. Join us in sharing and experience Christ’s love in the South Cobb Community. Feel free to register for any ministries that interest  you and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Hispanic Ministry

¿Alguna vez has querido aprender inglés? aquí está su oportunidad. Clases De Ingles darle los pasos para aprende inglés en muy poco tiempo. Simplemente toque o el botón de registro, y Te veremos pronto.

Ladies Ministry

Need a break from life? Here is your chance to. Ladies Ministry provides you an opportunity to build 
relationships with fellow sisters in 
Christ. Simply tap on the join us 
button and we will see you soon. 

Youth Ministry

Learning to navigate the world as an adult
is hard enough. Our Youth Ministry focuses on teaching our youth how God’s love and mercy can lead the way. Feel free to join us by tapping on the join us button and we will see you soon.  

Senior Ministry

With great age comes great wisdom. Our Senior Ministry strives to set the example for those that follow in the
footsteps of accepting Christ as our Lord and savior. Join us by simply tapping on the join us button. 

Compassion Ministry

We care about you! If you have an upcoming surgery, homebound due to injury or illness or have other needs, our compassion ministry is prepared to serve you throughout your journey. Tap on the join us button for more details. 

Being the spiritual leader of your family and household can be challenging. What better way to gain insight and knowledge from fellow brothers who follow Christ. Simply tap on the join us button and we’ll see you soon. 

Mens Ministry
get involved


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