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How Do I Know The Bible Is Real And What Answers Does It Have For Me Today?

Updated: Dec 1, 2017

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

1. How do I know if the Bible is the (only) true word of God? Did God provide a way for me

to validate that the biblical scriptures are inspired?

2. What is an accurate summarization of who the Bible says God is and what do the

scriptures say about human nature?

3. Does the Bible really have answers to help me live my life in modern-day America?

As a minister at a fast-growing church, I encounter these questions and others like them everyday. The research conducted in answering questions such as these provided the input for a book I authored, Clear Vision: How The Bible Teaches Us To View The World, being released by Deep River Publishing on December 14 th , 2017.

The Bible does, in fact, tell us how we are to validate religious writings. God initially provided the details to Moses in Deuteronomy 18: 21 – 22 and followed up with reminders through the prophet Ezekiel and Jesus (in Matthew 7: 15 – 20). Surprising to many, the technique itself is the same as that which underpins the Scientific Method. My book begins with an explanation of this God-given process. The book then proceeds to detail how the Bible is the only religious text which passes this criterion. Later chapters of the book explain the Bible’s truths in layman’s terms and detail the biblical method for gaining the additional knowledge we need which is not contained in the pages of scripture. The book has chapters on the biblical view of science, politics, social issues, medicine

and much more. It will confirm some of what you know, help you understand and defend why you believe what you believe and may challenge a few of the notions you hold as well.

Though the book is well researched and touches on modern topics ranging

from stem cell medicine, immigration and political parties to psychology and

genetically modified food, I believe you will find it accessible and I know you

will find it engaging. The book can be purchased here.


Andy Daniell PhD

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